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[span4][service_box icon=”icon1″ text=”Funky Pony was created by a desire to see equestrian gear with a little more pizzazz and style than the usual drab offerings to be found in equestrian stores.” btn_text=”Unique style” btn_link=”about” target=”_self”][/span4] [span4][service_box icon=”icon2″ text=”Funky Pony offers a variety of equestrian accessories and items that will be sure to have you standing out wherever you are with your horse.” btn_text=”Love to stand out” btn_link=”about” target=”_self”][/span4] [span4][service_box icon=”icon3″ text=”Most of Funky Pony’s products
are handmade in Australia,
so we can guarantee they’ll
be of the best quality.” btn_text=”Quality preferred” btn_link=”about” target=”_self”][/span4]
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